• The Lady in Greenpoint

    A 3-mile walking audio ghost story starting at the Pulaski Bridge.

  • Directions

    Bring headphones and a smartphone, maybe a backup battery. Have money to take the subway once. There are stops at two bars, but you can stay outside if you’d like. This will take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your pace, any stops you make, and if you take The Shortcut.


    Go to the foot of the Pulaski Bridge on the Long Island City side. An easy path is taking the 7 train to Vernon/Jackson, or the G train to 21 St.—Van Alst. It’s a brief stroll from there.


    When you get to the Pulaski Bridge, begin below with the Prologue. The recommendation is to start the walk at twilight. Go alone or bring a friend so you don’t get lost. If you have trouble, consult the Map.


    Be Careful of passersby and cars.


    The suggested ticket price is $10, to be sent via Venmo (Rick-Paulas, last four digits: 0608) or PayPal (rickpaulas@gmail.com).


    NOTE: If Soundcloud goes down, the tracks can be downloaded as a .zip file of .mp3s here. You can also download the tracks via Bandcamp, or stream it from this Spotify playlist.

  • Tickets

    The suggested ticket price is $10.

    Venmo: @Rick-Paulas

    PayPal: rickpaulas@gmail.com

    CashApp: $RickPaulas





  • Contact

    The author can be reached at rickpaulas@gmail.com. Please feel free to email with any technical issues that occur during the walk. Visit www.rickpaulas.com for more.